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Contact Center

Contact Center sets up agents with a desktop that can fully integrate with voice, email, web, SMS, and CRM solutions, providing call control or pop up screens based on Caller ID, IVR information, or customer data from a CRM. Bringing everything into one interface prevents lost time and focus from switching between applications, and reduces errors that result from distracted agents and incorrect information.

A cloud based contact center solution gives businesses of any size the advantage of successfully connecting with customers simply and efficiently. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) aggregates the tools end users need to meet their goals and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Contact Center Features

Agent Client

features standard complete
Call Controls (Answer, End, Hold, Transfer, Conference)    
Agent Controls (Login, Logout, Ready, Wrap Up)    
Disposition Codes (with Multiple Levels)    
Unavailable (DND) Codes    
Online Directories (with Custom Widget)    
Supervisor Escalation    
Call History    
Call Recording Controls    
Custom Scripting (DNIS & Queue)    
Screen Survey Tools    
Custom Screen Layout    
Outgoing Calling Line ID Selection (with Dialer)    
Call Controls (Answer, End, Hold, Transfer, Conference)    
Agent Controls (Login, Logout, Ready, Wrap Up)  

Contact Center Features

Supervisor Client

features standard complete
Silent Monitoring (Listen)    
Whisper Coaching    
Intercept / Answer Inbound Calls    
View / Change Agent Status    
Real-time Queue Monitoring / Management    
Enable Alternate Routing    
Historical Reports    
Real-time Reports    
Call Center Dashboard    

Contact Center Features


features standard complete
Real-time Reports – Queue    
Real-time Reports – Agents    
Historical Reports – Queue    
Historical Reports – Agents    
Flexible & Configurable Report Scheduling and Subscriptions    
Third-party Data in Reporting  
Ad-hoc Report Creation SSRS SSRS
Customizable Reporting SSRS SSRS

Contact Center Features

Call Recording

features standard complete
Voice Recording    
Call Scoring (with Question Builder)    
Call Tagging, Search and Playback    
PCI Redaction (Using Agent Controls)    
Download / Forward Recordings    
Speech Analytics / Transcription 3rd party 3rd party

Contact Center Features

Auto Attendant

features standard complete
Single Level with IVR    
Multiple Levels (Nested Menus)    
Custom IVR with Data Dips  

Contact Center Features

Global Settings

features standard complete
Custom Disposition Codes    
Custom Unavailable (DND) Code    
Agent Thresholds / Notifications    
Agent Default Settings    

Contact Center Features

Per Call Center / ACD Settings

features standard complete
Call Center Priority    
Agent Control Settings    
Agent Profiles    
Default Agent Settings    
Queue Size    
Announcements, Greetings
Entrance Message    
Comfort Message    
Alternate Comfort Message (Short Wait Time)    
Service Announcements    
Estimated Wait Time    
Call Whisper Message    
Call Distribution Policies
Uniform Distribution    
Call Selection (LWT, Highest Priority)    
Call Routing Policies
Bounced Call Routing    
Overflow Call Routing    
Stranded Call Routing    
Skill-based Routing – Single-skill    
Skill-based Routing – Multi-skill    
Skill Profiles    
Alternate Routing Policies
Night Service    
Holiday Service    
Forced Forwarding    
Multi-team Routing and Distribution    
Multi-site Routing and Distribution    
Routing Across Third-Party Contact Centers    
Analytics-driven Routing Via IVR
Queue Threshold / Notification    
DNIS Prioritization    
Promote Due to Wait Time    
DNIS Outbound Calling Name / Number    
Custom DNIS Announcements    

Contact Center Features

Omni-channel Support

features standard complete
Chat Interaction  
Email Interaction  
SMS Interaction  
Fax Interaction  
Social Interaction Future Release
Unified Interaction History  
Web Callback  

Contact Center Features

Workforce Management

features standard complete
Agent Scheduling  
Adherence Tracking and Reporting  
Agent Performance Reporting  
PTO Management  

Contact Center Features

Call Flow Builder

features standard complete
Queue Integration  
Scripting Actions (DNIS-based)  
API Integration (SQL, SOAP, HTTPS, REST, etc.)  

Contact Center Features


features standard complete
Voice Broadcast (Pre-recorded Message)  
SMS Text Broadcast  
Schedules and Dialing Window (by Time Zone)  
Group List and Group Broadcast  
Automatic Disposition  
API Integration  
Zero Out to Queue, Extension, DID  
Automated Call List and Import Mapping  
Preview Dialing with Campaign Management  
Multiple Campaigns